The SMAT Difference

How we’re different

Learn why students choose SMAT over other aviation schools.

SMAT is a private, non-affiliated school – which means we partner with and train students from a number of schools and mission agencies. You’ll find that our one-year A&P program is unique, we have a uniform aircraft training fleet, and our instructors are highly experienced and well qualified.

Here are additional details about what makes SMAT different.

Why students choose SMAT over other aviation schools.

Intimate Atmosphere – Low Student/Instructor Ratio

Here at SMAT, we keep our class size small in order to create close relationships between students and instructors.

Mission-Driven Aviation Training

The primary focus is to equip individuals to serve God in missionary aviation. We call that “Mission-Driven Aviation Training.” Because of that focus, we can offer customized training for various mission fields and mission agencies. You will find that everyone at SMAT is here for a similar purpose: To make an impact for God’s Kingdom through aviation.

One-year A&P Program

SMAT offers a comprehensive course in Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics that can be completed in just one year. The program is FAA approved and provides training and preparation for the FAA written, oral, and practical mechanics tests.


SMAT’s curriculum is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Education.

Student Placement Rate

The success of an aviation school is largely measured by whether or not students go on to serve in mission field or in the aviation industry. We’re happy to report that the majority of our graduates are currently serving with either a mission agency or working in other aviation related fields.

Location with Low Cost of Living

Because SMAT is located in West Michigan, students get the benefit of a small-town environment that has a low cost of living. But if you like to experience the bigger cities, we’re 25 minutes away from Grand Rapids and Lansing, and only 3 hours from Chicago.