About SMAT

Our Vision

To serve the Lord through aviation training.

Our vision is to serve the Lord in missions by providing certified training in flight, aviation maintenance and related technical fields.  We are committed to providing a high standard of training through academic excellence, quality personnel, and facilities conducive to the real world missionary environment. As servants of Christ, we will accomplish this by providing a learning environment that is Christ centered, caring, compassionate and responsive.

Our Mission:

Prepare individuals to serve God in mission aviation.

Our mission is to glorify God by providing professional aviation training to a high standard that equips individuals to serve God and others through aviation.

Our Values:
  • Caring Relationships are vital to the effectiveness of ministry
  • Stewardship is a God-given responsibility to use resources He provides to accomplish His plan
  • Excellence affects all areas of endeavor in a positive way
  • Servant leadership is a God-given opportunity to serve those who follow
Our History:

1969 until the Present

  • 1969 to 1993: GRSBM – SMATs origins can be traced to the missionary aviation program at Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music as part of the school’s Missions Program
  • 1993 to 1997: MATS – Cornerstone University acquired GRSBM and formed MATS (Missionary Aviation Training Service)
  • 1997 to Present: SMAT – SMAT became an independent school (School of Missionary Aviation Technology)

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Jack Befus, Chairman
  • Bob Damaske, Vice Chairman
  • Jeff Gillesse, Treasurer
  • Mark Kotlarczyk, Secretary
  • Marv Tyler, Member
  • Michael McDonald, Member
  • Dave McCleery, Member
  • Rachel Glupker



  • Terry Yoder, President/CEO
  • Marvin Tyler, Administrative Consultant
  • Nik Nagy, AMT Director/Instructor
  • Dean Peterson, AMT Instructor/Building & Grounds Supervisor
  • Duane Linsley, AMT Instructor/Project Supervisor
  • Brad Olson, AMT Instructor
  • Robert Hovenden, Aviation Maintenance Lead
  • Levi Moody, Aviation Maintenance
  • John Turner, Aviation Maintenance
  • Steve VanBeveren, Director of Flight Training
  • Neil DuBois, Chief Flight Instructor
  • Paul Kimball, Flight Instructor
  • Matt Wetters, Flight Instructor
  • Jim Sutter, Finance Director
  • Barb Trierweiler, Administrative Assistant
  • Gary Rounds, Advancement Director
Our Alliances: Mission Agencies & Other Schools.

We have alliances with mission agencies and other schools that send their students to SMAT for the specialized training we can provide.

Here are some of the mission agencies with whom our graduates serve or with which we are affiliated;

Here are some of the schools with which we are affiliated;